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Have you ever dreamed to do shopping at Coach Handbag Outlet. If yes then feel free to visit any Coach Handbag Outlet of your locality and avail Coach Outlet Coupons? Read on to fond one how such Coach Outlet Coupon enables you to buy one such Coach handbag from Coach Handbag Outlet. But it is better to have the detailed specification of the bag first.


Cambridge Metallic Hobo: This is a traditional design available at coach handbag outlet. This type of coach design can be seen in different types of coach handbags. This time the design is offered by the coach handbag as hobo. So this coach handbag is more practical and gives plenty of space for daily essentials.

As always the prices are still hefty. It is priced a US $ 770.  As it is a coach handbag, so it is worth it. But you can get it at substantial discount if you win any Coavh Outlet Coupon. Like many other coach handbags; this design also comes with a logo jacquard in signature silk. The silk fabric gives this coach handbag a polished finish. This bag also contains some trimmings of metallic leather. These trimmings add to its shine and look. These are easily notable on the corners and on the strap. The double shoulder strap of this Cambridge Metallic Hobo gives a drop of 5 inches and is ornamented with hardware of gold tone.

This particular coach handbag opens with the help of a flap that has a turn lock closure. It has pearlier and textured leather of calfskin. Inside zip there are multifunctional pockets. There are two small and one large pocket with a closure of magnetic snap. The detailed specifications are

Length              14 ½ inches

Width               15 inches

Height              4 ¾ inches

Not to mention these coach handbags are versatile and timeless. So coupling it with any collection is not difficult.

Coach Cluch Bag: At first glance this coach handbag appears to be a clutch. On holding it and looking at its design, you might decide that it is more like wallet. Though this makes the coach handbag confusing but this particular clutch can safely hold all essentials during the long night parties.

Its antique leather of golden shade gilds its look with the touch of Midas. It mainly comes in combination of bronze and silver. The bronze and silver touch further adds to its luxury.

This coach handbag is made of either metallic patent or Crinkle patent. It has a Horse & Carriage logo. It has six pockets for credit cards. It contains two compartments and pockets with magnetic closure; it has a detachable strap of 15 inches. The dimensions are

Length              9 inches

Height              4 ½ inches

Width               1 inch

These dimensions make this clutch a multipurpose and an exceptional design.

The retail price of this coach handbag is set at US $ 389. Again the proce will be 10 % - 30 % less if you avail Coach Outket Coupon. This price is worth paying for the product that is classy, functional and unique.

Coach Animal Print Bag: This Coach Animal Print Bag gives the wildest look to its users. As is obvious from its look, this coach handbag gives an overall animalistic look. It not only looks fierce but at the same time gives a feminine and sophisticated look.

This Coach Animal Print Bag features leopard print in regular black and brown combination. It also comes in the material that looks like calf hair; this makes the bag look more like skin of leopard.

The hair calf zip closure and scarlet hued leather further adds to its ferocious look. The fabric lining couples with dog leash clip to make a shoulder pouch. This wristlet clutch not only utters elegance but at the same time brings a touch of sophistication.

The bag is not big but is enough to pack the required essentials.

Length              8 ½ inch

Height              5 ¼ inch

As we know mostly coach handbags are expensive; so this holds true with this as well. It costs US $ 1390. No doubt its sophistication, durability and stylishness make the bag lovers ready to pay for it.

Coach Piced Slim Tote Bag 14165: This coach handbag makes a person speechless. The look is totally outstanding. There are many coach handbags that are exclusive but this bag still contains the ability of standing out.

It is outstanding as it is not that flashy and comes in metallic shades. Though there are many designs in it but it still remains versatile, refined and durable. The credit of its lasting and durability goes to its neutral color.

This is the typical characteristic of coach handbags that it combines different materials, patterns and styles. This gives it a look of stitched patchwork. There is a cell phone or multifunctional pocket. It has a fabric lining and leather straps that give a 9 ½ inches drop.

This coach handbag is appealing and exotic. It allows filling it with daily essentials. The braided shoulder straps enhance the exoticness of bag.

Length              8 inches

Width               10 ½ inches

Height              6 ¼ inches

8 x 10½ x 6¼ inches dimension could

This particular coach handbag is made from many luxurious materials which makes this bag incontrovertibly exotic. It is priced at US $ 525. You can have it by spending around US $ 400 if you have a Coach Outlet Couopn. This price is reasonable and justifies its worth.